Demo Leviathan's Speech

by Leviathan Speaks

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released February 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Leviathan Speaks Belgium

LEVIATHAN SPEAKS is a drugged trip to the ego, through chaos and hell, and everything inbetween. The sea devil symbolyzes the depths and meanders of the dark human mind. The inevitable self that no one wants to face. But here we are now, eyes wide open staring right at it. Hail Leviathan. LEVIATHAN SPEAKS! ... more

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Track Name: Into the feel
I am constantly romanticizing my reality
in order to survive
What belongs to me, purity in my eyes
The poverty of my mind

The absence of love, I walk at night
There is no meaning for me
Turn away and hide
I slip away, further, into the night
There I go, into the night

I don’t know what is real,
I can’t touch what I feel
What is it that I feel
Track Name: Body memory
There is nothing left, but destruction

My body has forgotten what either kindness or hapiness is inside of me

There is nothing more inside of me,
but pain
Track Name: Don't you want to look at me when I shoot them
On my knees on my knees
begging please begging please
I freeze
I come I come so deep
I’m on my knees I beg you please

Bring me the audience
I’ll behead myself
Don’t you want to look at me
When I go wild

I will destroy myself as you bow, standing invasion
In my fingertips
As I slip
Into the cave you never let me out
Where is Dutroux again and his witnesses
I shot them shot them

Oh poor me it was just a dream
Track Name: Overdose in my KKK underwear
Do you wanna buy me a coke? Buy me some coke
I will swallow it whole
I bet you can smoke it, sniff it, lick it, eat it.

Poisonous apple my amanita phalloides
It takes time to get poisoned you will not be able to know
You don’t know how it goes, when it grows, the shadow of your personality come over me

The overdoses in my KKK underwear
Burn it down burn it down, burn down the car.
She sat in the car when the bomb came over
Over like a tsunami,
Take me take me
Track Name: Non - existence
Deep beneath we live in caution
I feel your sorrow in my bones
Your arms hold me strong

My throat speaks from your heart
I am no longer myself
I don’t exist at all now

Even when the sun is high
there is no shadow of mine
No more shadow of mine

We are a cursed breed
We live in a bottle
In the eye of the right beholder
Happiness can be found,

I am sure I could be happier,
if I could by on that train,
but I can’t
Track Name: Rose & Bone
We heard winter was coming
Our breath carried the mists of silence
No words to speak
The trees are falling down
They follow where the leaves did meet

We heard summer has fallen
We gave birth to death at sea
No grave for me
Our eyes were falling down
They follow where our hands did meet
Track Name: Suicide
Suicide suicide
Let’s celebrate

Birth of satan
Death of christ
celebrate suicide

Far above
Down below
Never comes
Never goes

In myself
Out myself
Come to me

Spread the plague
We’re all at loss
Kill me
Kill us